[Release] Custom DFI NFII Ultra Infinity BIOS

A few weeks back, I was resurrecting some old PC components to create a file/torrent server. After checking all the components, replacing the CPU & the RAM, I had a fully functional system.

However, when I added a few terabyte HD’s I found the embedded SiI3114 controller wasn’t so happy with them; The system hung at the controller’s BIOS drive detection.

After a bit of Google-ing I found it could be solved with a simple BIOS update. Phew, saved right? Guess again…

Apparently, the latest BIOS update was only for PCI cards using the SiI3114 chip. The embedded chips have their BIOS integrated into the system’s BIOS. Checking DFI’s support site, it seemed I already had the latest system BIOS.

So I was left with only one option: assemble my own BIOS.

Looking through various forums, I found a nifty utility: CBROM [2016 EDIT: link fixed]. It allows you to integrate or remove addon BIOS’s from a system BIOS, so after carefully reading up on it, I managed to remove the old SiI3114 controller BIOS and integrating the latest one.

Since the PC in question only had a ‘floppy drive flash’ option, and only a DOS utility for flashing, I created my own boot CD containing DOS 6.22, the modified BIOS and the flash utility. After booting that & flashing, the drives worked perfectly!

All in all, a lot of time went into finding a solution for this problem, but it saved me from having to buy a new motherboard, or an entirely new system. Plus messing around with the BIOS was fun.

For anyone who is interested, I’ve uploaded the files I’ve created here. Remember when booting the image to switch from the RAMdrive to the actual CD or you won’t find the BIOS and the flash utility.

[download id=”186″]
[download id=”188″]

13 thoughts on “[Release] Custom DFI NFII Ultra Infinity BIOS

  1. Thanks for this tool. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. When I try to change the drive from a: to r: or s:, it only briefly flashes that letter, then reverts to a:. Am I doing it wrong?

    I’d appreciate any help.


  2. Just tested it in a VM, you should just be able to go to change to R: (by typing R:), then run the flash utility.

  3. Hi, i really would like to use your solution at this problem, as im in the same case as your were (trying to resurrect that old dfi MB ^^). I wanted to download your files but download links are dead, could u reupload please ?

    Many thanks in advance !

  4. Many Thanks for your solution.
    So far so good.
    The CD booted and Flash worked as described.
    Great so far.

  5. Hello!
    What I just read sounds like S.-F. , but in the good sense! Could you please help me with something similar? I have (beside my new laptop) an ooooold motherboard ASUS A7A266, with a well known programming (BIOS) defect: it pretends (in the manual) to accept 2 GB RAM, actually the max. is 1.5GB. The “defect” described by someone on a forum – when you try to insert 2x1GB the motherboard “see” as 0GB.
    Would be possible to correct that?
    Thank you!

  6. Dragos, that’s a very different problem unfortunately. With this mod I simply injected updated SATA firmware supplied by the chip manufacturer into the old BIOS, but your problem sounds like it’s a bug in the actual ‘main’ BIOS. The only updates for that are the ones officially released.

    Technically, it’s probably possible to fix unless it’s a hardware error. However to debug that you’d need to be very familiar with the inner workings the BIOS and assembly.

  7. Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunatelly I flashed the last stable BIOS and the latest beta released just before ASUS stopped the support (long ago), with no effect. It is clearly not a hardware error – this specific problem made a lot of waves on forums more than 10 years ago. Somebody discovered and explained the problem: one number was written wrong in the BIOS. Every time you upgrade the RAM from 250MB to 500, from 500MB to 1 GB, from 1 to 1.5 the motherboard see perfectly the RAM. So, having 2 sockets for RAM sticks, it was intended to accept up to 2 GB (1x 1GB). But when you introduce the 2x 1GB of RAM that wrong number makes the motherboard “see” 0 instead of 2. It was never a matter of not being able (or projected) to reach the 2 GB, just a programming error.
    I really wish I could have more knoledge in this field…

  8. Is this custom bios for Rev A or Rev B.. Is S3 resume on USB also been fixed?

  9. This BIOS was made by combining the latest official release with the latest controller BIOS (at the time), so aside from supporting more HDD’s it’ll have the same features as the latest official release. No idea if S3 resume on USB works or not, the motherboard in question died on me years ago.

    Usually motherboard revision still use the same BIOS version, I don’t know which revision I used.

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