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I recently installed Simple Media System on my PS2. After struggling a bit to get it working right, I found that none of the existing streaming tools worked correctly on my PC. And since I’m running Windows 7, a SMB share is out of the question, since SMS can’t find them.

So I coded up this handy app to monitor a device and a program, and only launch the program if the device comes online, and close it after it goes offline.

The program is fully console based, but also provides the means to minimize to the system tray. Use the commands ‘help’ and ‘help set’ to learn its usage, but if you just need to use it for SMS you can just type ‘host playstation2’ where playstation2 is the address of your PS2.

set - Apply a setting. Type help set for more info.
status - Display status of the device and the client.
settings - Display current settings.
hide - Minimizes this program to the system tray.
restart - Restart the program.
exit - Exit the program.

help set:
host - The hostname of the device.
application - The name of the client application WITHOUT '.exe'.
arguments - The arguments of the client. Use %host% to insert host info.
devtimeout - The timeout between device checks.
apptimeout - The timeout between application checks.
maxtries - The maximum number of times to retry if before the device is considered offline.
autorestart - Restart this program if it crashes. Valid values are 'true' or 'false' without the quotes.
autohide - Hide this program on startup. Valid values are 'true' or 'false' without the quotes.

All commands are case sensitive. If you ever need to reset the settings, just delete ‘settings.dat’.
Requires the .NET 3.5 framework.

Included in the download is ps2client for uLe rev 7 by dlanor, so this should be all you need to stream to your PS2.
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4 thoughts on “[Release] ps2clmon

  1. Is there any change this will be available for Linux (Fedora)?

  2. Probably not, it’s too platform specifically coded to Windows so I can’t just use Mono to compile it. And I’ve already spend too much time on the project.

    However, you might have some luck trying to run it using Wine, if there’s no better alternative.

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