Custom NAS build using DiskStation

I had been using a Synology DiskStation for a while. Great software, very easy UI, lots of apps to extend functionality. But my current system at the time, a DS411j, was becoming too limiting for the workload I was putting on it. So it was time to think about an upgrade.

Now I wanted something that would accommodate at least 8 drives, with a CPU & RAM that could handle various extra ‘apps’ so it could serve as a general server for me. Nothing really intense, mainly an SQL server and something to centrally handle all my downloads, plus occasionally maybe something I’ve written myself that needs a place where it can always run. But I also didn’t want to break the bank. After carefully weighing all my options between both open-source and commercial NAS solutions I decided to build my own DiskStation-compatible NAS with an Atom processor. This also had the added advantage of being able to migrate my existing data simply by moving drives.

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